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About Us



About Us

We’re Advocates for Justice and Rights

Providing tailored and integrated legal services across a wide range of practice areas. We are an up -to date firm that provides our clients with the highest quality legal advice and service to maximize the benefit of protection available to them…

In a world that is volatile, complex and unpredictable, our clients need a law firm they can trust and one that is committed to investing in them whilst able to deliver excellent customer service. We are that law firm. We value our clients and treasure their trust in us.

Droit Advocates specialize in all major corporate and Business fields of Law i.e. Land Conveyancing, banking and finance, Insurance law, Intellectual property and other related practices, as well as Civil and Commercial litigations, along Alternative Dispute Resolution, and debt collection.

OUR Testimonials

What they Say About Us


“Droit Advocates made my real estate transaction a seamless experience. Their attention to detail and swift action allowed me to confidently navigate through the complexities of buying my first home. Their expertise in real estate law was evident, and they ensured that all legal aspects were thoroughly covered. I highly recommend Droit Advocates for anyone involved in real estate transactions.”

Kato Holland
Corporate Real Estate

“I have worked with Droit Advocates on multiple business transactions, and they have consistently exceeded my expectations. Their team’s meticulous approach and ability to foresee potential challenges saved me both time and money. Their guidance and expertise were invaluable in ensuring that every deal was executed smoothly. I trust Droit Advocates for all my transactional legal needs.”

Mark Clinton
Commercial & Corporate Transactions

“I couldn’t have asked for better representation during my difficult divorce than Droit Advocates. Their empathetic and knowledgeable approach guided me through the legal complexities with grace. They truly had my best interests at heart and ensured a fair settlement for both parties. I’m forever grateful for their support during that challenging time.”

Jackline Martinez
Family Law


To provide a high quality, creative and result oriented team to individuals, business and serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of clients’ business growth and development.


Droit Advocates will endeavor to be a stellar law that is innovative, creative firm and upholds all righteous morals regardless of any circumstances.

Droit Advocates

Our Values

Droit Advocates (Formerly Andinda & Ariyo Advocates) has evolved into an organically commended law firm, helping our clients to reach their full potential.


This is true in every aspect of life and resonates through our practice. The respect for the law, client and authorities is a guiding light on how we handle any situation that may arise for our clients.

Commitment to Integrity

At Droit Advocates, we have a firm commitment to conduct our legal practice with honesty, transparency and integrity. This is enforced in our code of conduct, which resonates in all aspects of our day to day operations.

Continuous Improvement

We vow to keep getting better not only to benefit our clients or the firm but to also grow the brand, culture and practice, and so we pledge to keep moving to higher heights and better things for the sake of the future.


Meet Our Team

Barikurungi Jackline
Susan Murungi
Senior Associate
Andinda Loyce
Kato Fred
Senior Advocate
Ariyo Grace
Managing Partner
Droit Advocates

Why Choose Us....

Droit Advocates (Formerly Andinda & Ariyo Advocates) has evolved into an organically commended law firm, helping our clients to reach their full potential.